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(Feb 09, 2011) Scroller News
With the Web the top threat vector, organizations need to ramp up their gateway protection. Web security gateways, which provide integrated URL filtering, antimalware protection and application controls, are becoming a popular choice – but how does a qatar it company choose which product is the best for their needs? And while old school antimalware sat on host desktops, there’s now antimalware in the cloud, at the perimeter, on servers, on hosts, and on mobile devices. How many solutions do we need? Where are they providing the most value? And when is it time to retire? We will answer all those questions and more as you learn about the different features available in Web security gateways and the evolution of antimalware to meet the changing threat landscape. Read more...
   |    (Feb 09, 2011) Scroller News
Layered security has always been a mantra of enterprise network secureness, but some practicioners are taking to new levels. An emerging paradigm emphasizes not trusting any single secure mechanism and instead ensuring an organization has a redundant network security posture involving a variety of key network infrastructure technologies and tactics support in doha and technical support qatar doha. list of support it companies in dubai sharjah ajman abu dhabi ras al khaimah uae Read more...

What is Website Designing? If you have a business and look forward to reach out to more people, you should set up a website to sell your products and services on the web. Your website is the place where you can come in contact with potential customers. People like to visit those websites frequently that are pleasing to the eyes and easy to navigate. If your site does not appear to be attractive to the people, they may not visit your site again. Since fewer people visit your website, your site will not be able to rank well in search engines. Website designing allows you to make eye-catching web pages and greatly helps in showcasing your products and services in a better way. This is important as it will allow your site visitors to understand about your business. Website designing can completely revamp the look of the website by adding a suitable template to the website. Since website designing gives a refreshingly new look to the site, your site will attract more people and ultimately it will rank well in search engines. Website Designing With IT Company Our website designing service is the best because we not only have highly professional web designers onboard, but also provide our service at affordable price. Once we fully understand your requirements, we will create an attractive website for your business keeping in mind the target audience and the future potential growth. Why do I need it? Website designing gives an attractive look to the website. It will entice the site visitor to visit your site again and again. Hence, website designing can increase the traffic to your site and ultimately help you grow your business. Your site visitors will be able to navigate through the pages of your website easily and also view products and services of your online business with ease. What can IT Company do for you? IT company’s highly skilled website designers can greatly enhance the beauty of your site. We have three different website designing packages which you can choose from below.

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SICT is dedicated to providing IT support and solutions for small and medium organisations. We can help you to increase your business productivity and efficiency. Our aim is to provide a service that allows you to effectively focus on your business not the technology.

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At the core of almost every successful business is their IT network, and given the potential risks, it is fundamentally key to protect your IT infrastructure. Security today is no longer just a firewall; network security environments have become more complex.

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SICT build professional, cost-effective websites for small to medium sized businesses. SICT was formed specifically with the goal of taking what has previously been a complicated, expensive experience and turning it into an affordable and simple process.